A Passion for Dentures

Dr. Schindler’s story about her passion for creating aesthetic dentures:

Dr. Schindler’s first experience of creating dentures was for her father, Harry, more than 25 years ago. Harry was raised in Chicago during the Great Depression. With little food as a child and no dental care, Harry lost all of his teeth at the early age of 35. Harry struggled for decades using ill-fitting, unattractive dentures until he was 65.

After Dr. Schindler had finished dental school, she wanted to help her father by making new dentures, which he could feel better about and smile freely with confidence. Dr. Schindler hand fabricated her father’s cosmetic denture replacement. By utilizing old black and white photos of her father when he was a lifeguard on Oak Street Beach in Chicago taken in the 1940s, Dr. Schindler was able to replicate his smile when he was younger. After Dr. Schindler had fabricated Harry’s new dentures, he couldn’t believe how much younger he looked and how much his teeth looked like what he used to have. Harry is now 95 years old and is still enjoying his cosmetic dentures by Dr. Schindler.

This experience created the foundation for Dr. Schindler’s passion for creating cosmetic dentures and empathy for those who have lost their teeth.

Dr. Schindler’s father, Harry.
Dr. Schindler and her father in 2017
Dr. Schindler and her father in 2017.