A Unique Denture Experience

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A Refreshing Approach

We understand that life can be extremely challenging and that you may have experienced tremendous hardships in your personal life-whether trauma, addictions, financial or other family difficulties. Often time’s individuals that have lost their teeth or are losing their teeth are not given the respect that they deserve. At the core of The Denture Spa, we consider it an honor to help every guest with compassion, dignity & respect. Led by Dr. Sharon Schindler, our team members want to hear about your personal background to offer support, encouragement and guidance.

A Soothing Environment

When you enter The Denture Spa, you are immediately greeted with a warm and caring hello…addressed by your first name, sincerely appreciated for who you are and your personal story. You are invited into a very relaxing environment with the sounds of calming music, soft sounds of water, accent lighting, flickering candles and complimentary refreshments.

Our Complimentary Amenities

When receiving dental treatment, you are escorted to a private treatment room and are offered a complimentary paraffin hand wax treatment and then seated into a comfortable massaging dental chair with a soothing heated neck wrap and warm blanket while enjoying your choice of music from Pandora radio. Your personalized treatment begins with a soothing TMJ massage and lip ointment to help relax your facial muscles. When your visit is completed, enjoy our refreshing mouth rinse and hot towel and feel refreshed and encouraged when you leave.